This is about freedom.

Having access to information is powerful and can be overwhelming. Having access to an obscene amount of choices with food and products can be crippling. Reading labels can feel like a chore. Learning about toxins in every single thing can create fear.

But this is not about fear. This is not about becoming overwhelmed. Not about becoming burdened.

This is about freedom. Becoming informed is a way to equip ourselves. It is a way we can be empowered to make choices that will serve us well in the immediate and in the long run.

When we begin to make informed choices about what we eat and use in, on, and around our bodies, we choose freedom. Because when we are more well we are more free to live. Less brain fog, less medications, less fatigue, less pain, less inflammation, less depression, less irritability, less sleep disturbance…

Will it require personal boundaries and some restrictions? Of course. Boundaries aren’t meant to confine us in. They’re meant to protect what we value from outside offense. Not because we fear it. Because we know how freeing it is when we’re not burdened by it. Or we believe it can benefit us and we are making a choice to say “yes” to ourselves feeling better and “no” to something that can stand in the way.

If something I share here or something you learn in your pursuit of wellness alarms you, don’t let it cripple you. Let it empower you. You deserve it.