We are the gatekeepers of our own minds, bodies, and spirits. We get to choose to some extent what we allow in and what we help exit out of our lives. This year has been … a doozy. Life can be hard. Sometimes more challenging than we could have even imagined. I don’t know what all you’re dealing with but I do know you have been equipped for your unique calling.

It is not only food and products which can be toxic for our health. Thoughts, worries, fears, relationships, destructive behaviors, habits, the news, … can all be toxic.

We talk a lot about food and products here. That’s a big part of the equation, but not the whole picture.

Think about the vessel I’ve shown you with toxicity pouring in. If more comes in than we can process, it spills out. This is true of more than just physical toxicity. Consuming more negative, dark, and destructive information than we ought to or are able to process will eventually spill over too. That overflow can wreak havoc similar to the damage caused by physical substances. It can also spill over in destructive thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions, causing harm to important relationships and the people around us.

I’m saying this as someone who can not ever get enough information when I’m curious about something. I have to work hard to create and maintain healthy boundaries in this area and I fail here regularly. I do not suggest we bury our heads in the sand. We can’t make informed decisions without quality information. There’s such a thing as toxic positivity too. I believe we all need to find our own boundaries to create balance in our lives. So that we might be best able to live more well and serve better.

Make time and space for more good to enter. Make a path and allow what is not good out.

Less toxic stuff in. More toxic stuff out. Let’s do a detox bath for more than just or physical bodies. I love you. The world needs you, your thoughts, your voice, your impact. You can’t pour from an empty cup. I can’t tell you what your boundaries should look like, but I do know we all need healthy ones.

You’re doing a good work. For so many! Don’t forget to be a good gatekeeper for your own mind, body, and spirit.