Glass Cookware

Sometimes the old ways are still the good ways. . .

Many materials used in some types of cookware and bakeware, especially the non-stick stuff, have been linked to all sorts of issues including neurotoxicity, childhood developmental delays, thyroid issues, weakened immune systems, allergies, and much more.

We started swapping out items little by little as our current items reached a retirement age. As we go along we replace worn out items with items #alittlelesstoxic .

Many times I’m finding that the more old school items like glass bakeware, cast iron pans, and stainless steel, have stood the test of time AND are not slow poison to our bodies. Glass bakeware is non-toxic, even heating, durable, classic, and clean. Many a dish gets baked in glassware like the one you see here.

We’re making changes in ways that are maybe slower than we’d like but in ways that are then affordable and reasonable for us. This way, too, we can take the time to really read up and make informed decisions about what enters or home, our bodies, and our lives.