Grateful and Aware

I can be thankful for the antibiotics that literally kept me from dying at the age of 31 while also avoiding antibiotics for the rest of my life. I can be thankful the life saving western medicine that prevented my earth death while also recognizing western medicine contributed to me being put in that position to begin with. I can live with appreciation for the advancements in food as I unpack these groceries just delivered to my doorstep while also acknowledging the food system is broken and making us sicker.

Many people I love, respect, and trust serve with pure hearts and help many within these fields. I am so thankful for them. And for you, if you are one who helps the world under the umbrella of those big corporations too. Your hearts and minds are so needed. Thank you.

The big 3 broke my trust. They never earned it to begin with. I just didn’t even think much about any of it at all. Until I had to. I live differently now. I’m thankful for new insight. It’s changed my life. And I’ll continue to allow my struggles and pain be used to help others come out of it, feel less alone after breaking free, and hopefully prevent some from unnecessary suffering.