Grocery Haul

What we fill the cupboards and refrigerator with makes a big difference. It’s what we fuel ourselves with.

It’s not just like picking high quality fuel for your car. It’s more like picking actual fuel and not some kind of fuel-like product with a bunch of things your car’s motor can’t even recognize. Our bodies are much more adept than a car motor. And that’s a blessing and a curse.

We adapt to what is put in. For a time. If it’s not actual food you’re ingesting there will be damage done. It may go under the radar for a long time. It may not even seem at all to correspond to what was eaten. But, eating things our bodies aren’t designed to does cause damage. Short term as well as long term. Food-like-products fill more than half of grocery stores. And it’s taking a toll. Let’s make a change.

Fuel yourself with real food. Vote with your dollars. We’re making a difference. Every day. Every meal. Every purchase.