Health Responsibility

Just a friendly reminder you’re the one responsible for your health. Not intending to throw the baby out with the bath water here. I do believe governing agencies have their place. I just would argue ours have some major issues. They’ve breached trust and I am not putting my health or the health of my family in their hands. Their hands are more interested in my pockets than they are in my health.

Spending so much time in hospitals lately has me feelin some kind of way.

With some serious health crises going on in my close family currently as well as over the last couple of years and having gone through my own health journey, I see little more than symptom chasing and quick fixes that never truly address root causes. The result is the root problem continuing to worsen and new problems often arising.

Food and products they approved made me so sick I had a hard time functioning. They couldn’t see that. I couldn’t either. The medicine and treatments they prescribed for that made me sicker. So sick I nearly died. Then their medicine saved my life … and allowed my sickness to continue and progress. They still had no answers for me. It caused me to finally become the CEO of my own health and as I made some changes that they scoffed at, I finally started healing.

I see this same pattern over and over in the lives of so many.

Their food and food like products are sick and contribute to health issues more than they support health.
Their medicine is mostly problem management. That medicine often creates or contributes to more problems they’re happy to help manage.


They have their place. That place is not being the manager of your health. That’s your job.