Homemade Toothpaste

I’ve never had my mouth feel as clean. I haven’t had any dental issues in the greater part of 6 years I’ve been using this. I also get asked regularly what I use to make my teeth bright. This and occasional charcoal are all I do. Regular brushing. Flossing. Good toothpaste I make in my kitchen once every couple months or so. This is also extremely cost effective compared to store bought brands that have comparable ingredients. Here are some all too common ingredients to look out for and why I make my own.

Fluoride: a known neurotoxin that also aids the absorption of aluminum. A neurotoxin found in high amounts in the brains of victims of Alzheimer’s. More recent research in this byproduct of some metal manufacturing is showing less benefit to teeth than previously believed. It’s also revealing the many associated side effects. Personally, I choose not to have this ingredient being absorbed through the delicate tissues in my mouth.

Glycerine: makes toothpaste get that texture we’re so familiar with. Also coats teeth and can block mineral absorption, harming the health of teeth over time.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS: Makes toothpaste foam. Foam doesn’t clean. We’re conditioned to believe bubbles do. They don’t. SLS is a skin irritant and implicated in oral problems including canker sores.

Triclosan: Antimicrobial. Also a suspected carcinogen and a known hormone disruptor.

Blue #1 or other dyes: carcinogens, neurotoxins. Linked to behavioral disorders and learning problems.

Your mouth is able to absorb at high rates. What you brush and rinse with will enter your body. Ingredients matter. Choose wisely or make your own.

3 Tbsp calcium bentonite clay (do not use metal to measure, mix, or store). Polishes, brightens, remineralizes.
1 tsp baking soda. Cleans, brightens.
10-20 drops trace minerals. Remineralizes.
2 Tbsp liquid or fractionated coconut oil. Antimicrobial, healing, …
Optional essential oils of choice. Flavor, added antimicrobial & healing benefits. Mine has cinnamon, peppermint, & vanilla.
Stir and add 1-3 tsp filtered water to reach desired consistency.
Store in glass or a silicone squeeze tube like this. #allttoothpaste