How to Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

Biting off more than you can effectively chew is a pretty sure fire way to burn out, give up, or feel like you’ve failed.

Doing it all at once is not typically realistic or sustainable for most people with anything. Certainly not for making life #alittlelesstoxic
Take on what you reasonably can for now. One day that will become just a normal part of your life and the next thing you decide to incorporate you’ll be more able to manage well too.

Doing a little is doing something.

Little by little, it makes a big impact.

Doing too much at once and then throwing in the towel didn’t even serve you for the short time you tried to do it all.

💪🏼 Do what you can. With what you’re able. And as it makes sense for you. 💪🏼

No matter how small it may seem, it’s making a difference.

✨ “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?” – C.S. Lewis ✨