How to Live ALLT

Living #alittlelesstoxic is about all these things but it’s not about trying to do them all perfectly all the time. Perfectionism is toxic, ya know? Hyperfixating on any one area can be too. Yet, we ought not neglect any area either.

You are more than a collection of cells. You’re more like a soul wearing a body that has an incredible mind and they all are working together for so much good. Nourish it all.

I made this look like a sun on purpose because sunshine nourishes and supports life too. A quick incredible note on the sun: getting sunshine especially in the morning helps the body produce melatonin to support good sleep at night. Amazing. Just one of the many benefits of a healthy relationship with the sun. It can do a ton of good. Balance is wise. With all the things.

Do what you can, with what you’re able, and as it makes sense for you.