I Like My People Like I Like My Food & Products ALLT

I got to meet 100+ of you all at once and let me tell you, Y’ALL ARE #alittlelesstoxic

Through and through. The vendors recognized it. My friends and family can’t stop bringing it up. The people who came solo felt it. You are kind and compassionate. You have eyes to see others and you make them feel seen. You respect others and whey they are at on their own unique and individual journey. You encourage. You support. You LOVE. And you do it well. You give me so much hope. This place we temporarily inhabit is not anywhere near as divided as some would have you believe. We have so much that unites us. So much in common. Even though we’re profoundly unique in our experiences, upbringings, passions, convictions, and more.

This includes all of you. Not just those who were able to attend in person. This space right here where you’re reading these very words is OVERFLOWING with hope makers.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for making the world
“A Healthier Home” for us all. Thank you for making the world ALLT.

More launch party recaps to come.