Industry Focus

There are well meaning individuals, teams, and companies that exist within every industry that truly care more about people than profit. That have given up much of their time, energy, and resources, in order to try and serve others. I am very blessed to know many. They rage against the industry machine that seeks to put profit above all else. They are the outliers. They are not the standard.

As a whole, industry focuses on pockets over people. Some of the worst offenders exist in the industries we believe we should be able to trust the most, including food and healthcare. The health and wellness industries are flooded because more are seeking health, so the market is growing. This is wonderful in many ways. Costs can become more affordable. Products become more accessible. Awareness end education abounds. It also creates a problem. Some who have little to no intention of helping others achieve more health, creep into markets like this because they see the potential for great profit.

Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Ag = The Toxic Trio

The food industry has more interest in feeding its pockets than fueling our bodies.

The pharmaceutical industry has more interest in our dependence than our deliverance.

The agricultural industry has more interest in growing food fast and cheap than reaping a harvest of health.

We can’t rely on industry to provide health and wellness. That is not their purpose. We can purpose ourselves to take our health back and to be a contributing part of reshaping these broken systems into ones that will better serve all people now and in the future. It’s time to take responsibility for our own health. It’s time to break free from systems set up to keep us in bondage to their products. We can participate in repairing industry by voting with our forks and our dollars. We can take charge of our health by making informed daily choices. Becoming aware as to why any of this matters. Getting educated by reading, beginning with ingredients labels. Making shifts and swaps to the best of your ability. Putting one foot in front of the other. Time and time again.

We are making industrial sized changes. For the people of today and tomorrow. For us. For all