According to a Harvard study and many many supporting peer reviewed research studies, you’d be hard pressed to find any disease or chronic condition that doesn’t have a root of inflammation.

In allopathic medicine, the approach is far too often to quiet the symptoms of inflammation rather than determining origin and root cause. Without finding the root cause of the inflammation, symptoms don’t disappear, but the may migrate and mutate as our bodies fight to adapt. We end up taking one pill to combat the effects of another pill. We play virtual whack-a-mole with the barrage of symptoms that continue to emerge and take on new forms. This persists as our bodies continue to seek balance and attempt to alert us through signs and symptoms.

We are learning and understanding more and more that what we use in, on, and around our bodies, as well as what we’re exposed to, plays a major role in our health. If we want to be more well, we must begin to minimize and limit inflammation. We must also work with our bodies to help mitigate existing inflammation.

One day, one product, one meal at a time. We can limit what might cause our bodies to have to work harder. One step at a time we might choose more that supports our bodies as they work to heal. We are not powerless. You’re not a sitting duck. These are just some common examples. I could have listed so. many. more. things. For each category. Start here. Start anywhere. Just start. You’re worth it. It’s worth it.