Ingredients > Nutrition Facts

In the early 1970’s, the FDA began to have food products labeled with what they deemed important information about the contents of the food. Nutrition Facts labels began to show up on all manner of food products. Consumers began to see these labels and became enabled to understand nutritional components of the food they bought and consumed.

Not long after, more and more convenience foods hit the market. In the 80’s and 90’s, processed foods and food-like products took the market by storm. With the comfort of the Nutrition Facts labels, many people paid no mind to the ever increasing number of ingredients listed. Many simply dismissed the unknown words and preservatives, chemicals, artificial colors, and the avalanche of ingredients entering their food.

The Nutrition Facts labels got bigger and easier to navigate. The font on the ingredients lists became smaller.

We’ve, by and large, become complacent and numb to what’s entering our homes and bodies. Accepting ingesting of toxins we do not know the effects of. Becoming, in a way, a part of some experiment we didn’t sign up for. Some toxins are researched and reported to cause harm and are still permitted in our food. But we don’t have to permit them in our bodies.

The nutrition of our food matters. So much! But what’s the cost of getting plenty of calcium or lower calories with a heavy side of chemicals?

Ingredients matter more than nutrition facts.

When we consume a varied diet of whole foods, that is where we get proper nutrition. Where we become nourished and not just fed.