Instant Pot Boiled Eggs

Since I figured out how to make boiled eggs in the instant pot (pressure cooker), I’ve not gone back to boiling on the stovetop. This is pretty foolproof and so much easier for me. They require very minimal effort or babysitting, they peel easily, and I can make as large or small of a batch as I want.

What you need:
Any size instant pot
The trivet it comes with or a steamer basket

The Method:
Put uncooked eggs into your instant pot on the trivet or in the steamer basket
Add one cup of water to the IP
Close lid and seal vent
Pressure cook:
🥚3 minutes for a soft boil
🥚4 minutes for medium/jammy
🥚5 minutes for a hard boil
While they cook, prepare an ice bath
As soon as the IP beeps indicating cooking time is complete, manually release the pressure (I cover my vent with a towel to prevent steam from wrecking my cabinets or ceiling over time)
Once the pressure is released and lid unlocked, immediately move the eggs to your ice bath to stop cooking and help the shell pull away from the egg for easier peeling
Leave eggs in ice bath for 5 minutes
Store or serve. They should peel easily!