It’s Time for Change.

I’m not taking a stance on any given study. I can see with my own eyes. Kids are sicker than ever before. Allergies, asthma, obesity, diabetes, eczema, cancers, and so on. Many sources propose this may be the first generation of children to not outlive their parents.

I can not and will not blame any one thing. This is a systemic issue. We’re infiltrated with inorganic and toxic compounds from top to bottom. The basic elements of the earth 💨 💧 🔥 ⛰ are all being shown through data analysis to contain toxic substances at increasing levels.

Our water is contaminated and then overly treated to try and make pure by using even more toxins. Our soil is depleted of crucial nutrients due to poor practice in farming and toxic pesticides so that even organic and pastured food isn’t as nutrient dense as it once was. Products used on, in, and around our bodies often contain ingredients we can’t pronounce, much less do we know the long term effects of. Yet. And so on.

This isn’t doom and gloom. Its okay to be alarmed. This can be catalyst for change. I don’t intend to instill fear. We get to be a part of the change. You and I. Starting right now and every day forward. Your dollars make an impact. Our collective voices make a difference. We’re seeing and we are making changes. Some seem small. And some take lots of planning and saving. And every single one adds up. What you’re doing matters. And together, we’re making waves. We have been a part of a tragic experiment. Many experiments. Abusing creation and seeking profit above all else. Sometimes in the name of feeding the hungry. We’re hungrier than ever. Hungry for change.

It’s time to reclaim our health.