Keep Asking Why?

It’s just stress
It’s in my genes
It’s no big deal
I’m just getting older
They’re just getting better at diagnosing these things
I’m just tired
I’ve always had this

I’ve found myself thinking or saying many of these things. I’ve heard many people I love express similar sentiments. I’m all for acceptance of what can’t be changed. The things is, if there’s an issue, there’s a root and the root is rarely sought after in conventional medicine or our modern cultures. As it is not actively or effectively sought, it is also rarely if ever addressed.

The symptom is either accepted and tolerated or it is treated with something to ease or hide the symptoms. The issue causing the discomfort or imbalance persists and will manifest again and often in new ways. It will seek your attention.

The body is always working to try and achieve balance. The body is designed to heal. It is in a perpetual state of seeking homeostasis. Those signals are the body inviting us to help remove blockades and join the efforts. When we dismiss or cover the signals, we actively work against our own bodies.

We are not a prisoner to our genes. The expression of our genes can often be activated or shut off. Diet, lifestyle, and emotional work can be key to this.

Asking “why?” can help discover the root. We can’t address the core of the issue if we don’t know what it is.

🚩 I have always had headaches ➡️ Why do I get headaches? ➡️ Why do I have inflammation? …
🚩 I just can’t relax. It’s in my genes ➡️ Why can’t I relax? Is this anxiety? ➡️ Why am I anxious so often? ➡️ Why are my nerves overactive? … difficulty processing emotions, trauma, hidden infections, mold, inflammation… there’s a root.
🚩 Oh I just have a thyroid issue. It’s in my genes. ➡️ Why is my thyroid underactive? ➡️ Why are my hormones out of balance? ➡️ Why don’t I have enough of those minerals? ➡️ Why is there inflammation? …

Get to the root. Answer those why’s. Don’t settle for the quick fix that fixes nothing.