Kids Eating

“How do you get your kids to eat so healthy?” This is one of the most common comments or questions ‘round here. I understand. I’ll share what’s been my experience with feeding my children so far.

I don’t get them to do anything. I make choices for them as their parent on many things. Because they’re incapable of making some of those choices themselves yet.✨ I choose what we eat and when. They choose IF they will eat it and how much they will eat. ✨ No pressure. No bribing, begging, or manipulation. They have control over the situation and that is empowering to them.

I serve what I believe to be nourishing for our bodies with what I’m able and I try to make it look pretty, taste yummy, and be a happy experience. I serve the food and if there’s an objection, this is what the kids hear from me:

“Eat what you like, leave what you don’t.”

That’s it. No drama. Our table is a pressure free zone and a place to connect, discover, learn, and just be.

I model expectations around food. I truly view food as fuel. As the most delicious and fun fuel possible, and fuel nevertheless. They see my personal relationship with food and I believe we are their greatest role models in all the things and this matters.

I try to involve them. You see them on my counter regularly. They enjoy being included and they appreciate the control they have when they help create and are the choppers, mashers, and mixers.

I don’t hide or sneak ingredients. I don’t manipulate. I don’t beg. I don’t barter. I educate, lead, empower, and equip them. This is how we fuel in our home and we make it yummy and fun.

I am doing my best to educate them about their bodies and how important food is for their health. I do not want to instill fear. I try to educate, empower, and equip them. So that they might continue to love many foods and continue to learn how to keep their bodies strong with what we have been so blessed to fuel them with. And so they have a good foundation to return to as they grow.

One day they’ll be making their own choices about food full time and my hope is that I will have equipped them with a healthy foundation they can return to.

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