Label Deception

Fancy marketing terms are a deception. It’s trickery. It’s a way that companies try to convince you their product is for your health. Do not be fooled. Read the label. Look at the ingredients.

Fat is where most of the flavor comes from. Many real food fats have incredible health benefits including helping other nutrients to be absorbed. “Fat free” is not for your health. And when the fat is eliminated from a product, the majority of flavor must be compensated for. Without fat, that flavor comes from sugar and chemicals designed to tickle your tastebuds. “Sugar free” will inevitably be a mean slew of chemicals. Sugar gives flavor. Sugar is addictive. To create a sweet product without sugar, it takes a lot of science experiments and a wide array of chemicals.

Large corporations that sell the majority of packaged food on the market employ a skilled set of people whose only job is to make their food products taste good and also to have addictive properties. Yes. Addictive. This is why over time you begin to think this highly designed food product tastes better than the real thing. It’s all a lie they’ve constructed and fooled the masses with under the guise of “health.” It is for profit. And at our destruction.

I’m a child of the 80’s and 90’s. I grew up in the time of convenience food. 7 years ago my snack of choice was Flaming Hot Cheetos and Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. Yeah, fat free and sugar free foods. This has been a journey for me. I am human like you. And it took some major shifting for me to start to see those food-like products as deception and slow poison and to value real food as fuel. I took my health for granted until my body screamed so loudly I could not ignore it any longer. I am so glad it did. I’m so glad I finally listened.

It’s become a huge passion of mine to change my life little bits at a time and to share what I’m learning with anyone willing to hear. I’m so glad you’re here with me. Xo