Lemon Infused Vinegar

This is a powerful little combo for cleaning.

✨ breaks down dirt, grease, and grime
✨ dissolves mineral deposits
✨ combats mold
✨ antifungal
✨ antibacterial
✨ absorbs odors then dissipates
✨ deters pests
✨ inexpensive

✨ breaks down dirt, grease, and grime
✨ removes mineral deposits
✨ lightens stains on surfaces including grout
✨ deodorizes
✨ deters pests
✨ combats rust
✨ smells amazing
✨ inexpensive

Combining the two makes for a powerful yet healthy and gentle cleaning agent for loads of uses around the home. It can get the job done without destroying the important microbiome of the home or polluting the indoor air.

After using the juice of a lemon, I pop the rinds in a glass jar and cover with white vinegar. Making sure the rinds are submerged helps prevent any mold growth. I’ve been doing this for nearly 9 years without ever having an issue. I keep two jars ready for me at all times under my sink. The lemons will infuse the vinegar and make the vinegar more powerful and better smelling. Give it at least a couple weeks and it can continue infusing for months. The darker jar here has been brewing about a year as kind of an experiment. It’s still perfect! You could also use other citrus like limes, oranges, or grapefruit or any combo but lemon is my favorite.

When ready to use, strain out any solids through a fine mesh strainer or a clean flour sack towel or the like. Combine the infused vinegar with equal parts water in a spray top bottle and you’ve got a multipurpose cleaner for countless items including:

🧽 tile
🧽 sinks
🧽 stove tops
🧽 oven (add some baking soda for a scrubbing paste 👍🏼)
🧽 microwave
🧽 walls
🧽 trash cans
🧽 cabinets
🧽 dishes
🧽 blenders
🧽 grout

And more!

I’d not personally use vinegar on granite or marble as it’s pretty acidic. For that I’d use a few Tbsp of rubbing alcohol + 1 Tsp castile soap + fill the rest of the bottle with water.