Lighting Hack

Lighting can be a great way to make your living environment more supportive of your health. Lighting has a tremendous impact on our circadian rhythm as well as other areas of biological function, including our nervous systems. Types of lightbulbs, coloring, wattage, time of use, and more can either support or impede the quality of sleep we’re able to get. Adding a dimmer option to our existing lamps helped create a more relaxing and sleep supportive environment. Using what we have and have access to and making it #alittlelesstoxic

I’ve added the link to this little contraption to my amazon shop. You’ll find it in the Bedroom and Livingroom categories. I’ll also link it in stories today.

If you’re looking for other tips and ways to make your home healthier, from lighting to cleaning products to furnishings and everything in between, you’ll find it in my book, A Healthier Home. If you’ve got yourself a copy, don’t forget to check the index at the back any time you are making a swap or upgrade or just looking for another way to make your home a touch healthier.