Long Line of Cooks

We all come from a long line of people who cooked.

I am so enjoying seeing so many of you spending a bit more time devoting some of your minutes and energy to preparing food for yourselves and your families.

Preparing food is a luxury. Things grow out of the ground and live on our very same soil that come fully packed with every single thing we need to fuel and nourish our incredible bodies. These foods come in countless shapes, sizes, flavors, textures, colors, and varieties. There is no end to the combinations we can craft and create. It’s a miracle, really. While the monarch caterpillar in my yard has only one option for food, our fuel options are innumerable. We could survive off of something very basic and bland. But we are so fortunate that we don’t have to.

In this season, maybe not by our own choosing, many of us are finding ourselves, more than ever before, combining ingredients with our own hands and serving food to our families knowing every ingredient that went into it. While this may have come about not fully by choice, we are taking our power back. One meal at a time.

Ingredients matter. Quality of ingredients matter. What matters most is that the food is prepared by a person and not a machine. In a home, not a factory. With real food and not food-like products.

One more Michael Pollan quote:

“Cooking might be the most important factor in fixing our public health crisis. It’s the single most important thing you can do for your health.”

Look at us. Fixing the health crisis. Starting in our own homes. Go us.