Look Where You Want To Go

One of the top tips for mountain biking is to look where you want to go. That is, don’t focus on the things that might trip you up. Instead focus on the point you’re trying to get to. Focus on the path to take. Giving too much attention to obstacles as you approach them increases the chances of falling.

I hear from and see many people focusing on what might trip them up much more than giving their best attention to where they want to go. I show how I clean my produce and inevitably get people expressing fear of the tap water I use or the potential germs in my sink. I see this with every single thing I share and with anyone else sharing what they personally use and do to live a healthier life. What about heavy metals? What about germs? Isn’t raw milk dangerous? What about oxylates? Is that alarm clock low emf? What about this random blog someone shared saying something contradictory? What about…

Focusing on what we’re afraid of keeps us from getting smoothly to our destination. Be wise. Be aware of what is on the path. Be prepared to navigate obstacles. But remain focused on the path. On YOUR path. There are a lot of voices in the world. The interwebs have made it really loud out here. No one can navigate your path for you. It’s up to you to make those decisions for yourself. And if you want to keep from pitfalls and succumbing to the path itself, give your attention to the good. Look at where you want to go. Keep the undesirable stumbling blocks in your peripheral. No one wants you to pretend they don’t exist. Just don’t trip yourself up giving them more attention than they deserve.

Fear is toxic. Much more toxic than most of the things we try and avoid.