I was in so much pain and my doctors had no answers for me. Their solutions left my body bankrupt in ways and I had just recently almost been taken out by a hangnail. Literally. My mind was being blown and I was craving more truth. I read a book and did an elimination/provocation diet that turned my life upside down. In a blog interview I watched with she was describing how conventional dairy is not at all what our grandparents grew up with and how it can contribute to a wide array of problems for the majority of people. I knew she was telling the truth because it was one of the foods I’d recently eliminated and reintroduced and to my horror learned it was contributing to my demise. The interviewer asked JJ why she wasn’t saying this on major network TV when she’s interviewed. JJ said that she tried but was told she’s not allowed to say that on air because the channel would lose their dairy sponsors. Milk does a body good, right?

Major eye opening moment.

I begged for help for years. My doctors didn’t know food could be contributing to my pain. Some even scoffed when I asked if it was possible.

Once I got desperate, I started taking matters into my own hands. I read and read and read some more. I made some changes and saw the impact. The chronic pain that was limiting me was lifting away and no professionals, no clever marketing, no TV doctors helped me figure it out.

I’m grateful for my pain because it helped me to take accountability for my own health. It helped me to begin to unlearn and make way for new understanding. It’s not just conventional dairy. Industry has a major chokehold on media outlets including TV, radio, and print. Relying on them for the full story isn’t in our best interest. Media can be a tool in helping us evaluate information, but relying on media alone as our sole source of truth is dangerous. The media is toxic. I wish someone had helped me realize this sooner. Once I realized, I felt angry and also empowered. I don’t want to anger you but I believe alarm is in order to help us realize the gravity of this and to propel us to action.

Do your own research. Follow the money. Unlearn to make way for truth. Don’t give up.