Microbiome Matters, Continued

The Oral Microbiome

Gut health = immune health. It’s estimated that around 70% or more of your immune system is housed within your gut. Strong immune function relies on a healthy gut and gut microbiome.

A healthy gut can’t exist without a healthy oral microbiome. Your mouth is the entryway to your gut and where the approximate 30 feet of the tubing running through your entire body begins. That long tube is your GI tract and it plays critical roles in your immune health and overall wellness. The health of the oral microbiome can not be ignored when addressing the health of … you.

The mouth houses around 700 kinds of organisms creating a balance of micro flora and micro fauna. These organisms create the oral microbiota, one of the most complex microbial communities in the human body.

Studies indicate the health of this oral microbiome plays major roles in overall health and contributes to systemic illness and disease including viral infection outcomes, cancers, mental illnesses, autoimmune disorders, pregnancy outcomes, and more.

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