More Cheering

Temptation to internally compare and compete with others is all around and literally in the palm of our hands. We do it many times without even realizing. And it does no good for anyone involved.

Their lifestyle
Their vacations
Their decor
Their marriage
Their productivity
Their looks
Their health
Their kids
Their clean house
Their ability to …
Their ______

Comparing my behind the scenes to someone’s completed production serves neither of us. It leaves me believing a lie that I’m not doing enough. Or not equipped enough. It diminishes the struggle and labor that the other person endured to get to that small chunk of their lives I’m measuring the sum of mine to. Comparison robs me of the contentedness I can have knowing I’m doing my individual best. Comparison robs me of an opportunity to cheer for someone else doing good things that I want for this world. When I cheer the other on more than comparing myself to them, we both win. Comparison steels joy. Cheering fuels joy.

Trying to match or outdo someone with a similar calling to mine isn’t serving anyone well either. My calling is to be lived out with my unique gifts, circumstances, abilities and in my unique seasons of life. When I compete against another doing work for the good of the world, I take my eyes off the goal. The goal isn’t me being the best in the world. The goal is giving my personal best at what I’m uniquely called to do in this world. When I celebrate the wins of others serving in similar capacities, I’m choosing to be a part of a team working toward the same good I want in the world. Instead of trying to diminish the light of others shining in the world and making it more the way I want it to be, I’m lighting their fire and my own by applauding those good works. Constant competition can rob me of time, energy, and focus. Celebrating can spur others on to do more good and simultaneously encourage me to continue on too.

Be your own best cheerleader. Part of that is going to be deciding to cheer others on too. Celebrate victories, both big and small. Your wins and those of others too. Less comparing. Less competing. More celebrating. More cheering. It’s #alittlelesstoxic