Mouth Taping

I thought this was so weird the first time I heard about it. But I was intrigued so I read and read and read some more. I was compelled and convinced it could benefit me so I tried it. The first moment my mouth was taped I felt a panic. 😂 After a minute of reminding myself no harm was becoming me, I forgot it was even there. I dozed off and got incredible sleep. I woke without a nasty taste, without dry mouth, and feeling GOOD. I’ve continued to mouth tape most nights and the nights I doze off before I get my tape on, I wake regretting it.

Mouth breathing can contribute to many health issues. These include dry mouth which can contribute to high acidity and poorly protected teeth, leading to cavities. It will disrupt the oral microbiome leading to an imbalance in beneficial microbes, creating an environment for opportunistic pathogens to thrive. Mouth breathing has also been linked to growth disorders, misaligned teeth, abnormal facial growth, poor sleep, symptoms akin to those present in ADHD, cognitive impairment, and more.

Mouth taping forces you to breathe through your nose. I use a super inexpensive surgical tape. There’s also some mouth tapes specifically designed for this purpose. Before dozing off I apply my lip balm, relax my mouth while lips are pressed together, and place my little strip of 3M tape over my mouth.

Mouth Taping Benefits:
✔️ Reduction in teeth grinding
✔️ Reduction in snoring
✔️ Reduction of dry mouth
✔️ Supports the oral microbiome
✔️ Lower risk of cavities
✔️ Better remineralization
✔️ Improved quality of sleep

In addition to these benefits, mouth taping improves Nitric Oxide Levels which has been linked to:
✔️ Enhances memory and learning
✔️ Regulates blood pressure
✔️ Regulates inflammatory response
✔️ Improves sleep quality
✔️ Increases endurance and strength
✔️ Promotes weight loss
✔️ Improves immune/gut function
✔️ Relieves pain
✔️ Reduces heart disease risk
✔️ Helps improve symptoms of anxiety and depression

Reported to be safe for children and pregnancy. If a person can not breathe out of their nose, outside of illness or obstruction, there are likely underlying causes that should be unearthed and addressed.