My Why

I started this journey to more wellness and lower toxin exposure in 2013. Before these littles joined our world. I was sick. And tired of it. Then I got very sick. The medical system and my own lack of information failed me. It’s another story for another day, but I decided to start making changes at that time. I didn’t change my whole life in one day. I started replacing one thing at a time as I ran out of an item and had better knowledge to make informed choices. I empowered myself to be well. For me. And for my man. He deserves to have a wife who takes care of herself. I do too.

Later the following year, I gained more motivation to fight for wellness as I learned I was growing another life inside of me. I wanted to give him the most nourished and beneficial environment in there. He entered the world and my drive grew stronger. The following year a little girl took up residence in my womb and it emblazoned me more. By this time I had made a lot of changes. And I’d gained a lot of knowledge.

I’m learning more as I go and making shifts as I do. I don’t try to control everything. And I don’t sit on the sidelines acting powerless. This is never going to be about perfection. It’s about knowing better and doing better. My family deserves this fight. I deserve this fight. You deserve this fight. They are my why. I am my why. And you are my why too. I share things here because I hope to empower you to take charge of your wellness too. It’s not all about plastic, or gluten, or fragrance, or any other one thing. Wellness is a whole picture. And it isn’t one size fits all. Find your Why. Make changes when appropriate. Because YOU are worth it. Because small changes add up. Small changes over time make a big difference.

What’s your “Why?”