Nail Polish

💅🏼 Toxic Polish

A study out of Duke found that known toxic and hazardous chemicals were absorbed into the body at alarming levels within 10 hours of applying nail polish. Did you know our nails absorb matter? Wild. I had a hunch it wasn’t the safest thing and stopped getting pedicures while pregnant with my first baby. I had an opportunity for a special pedicure a couple of weeks ago for the first time in 4 years so I decided to do a little reading first. There are newer options without some of the biggest toxic offenders, so I’m sharing one with you here.

What to look out for:
⚠️ DBP (DIBUTYL PHTHALATE): Prevents chipping and is a hormone disruptor and can impair fertility. Banned in the EU
⚠️ TOLUENE: Creates a smooth finish and can cause neurological damage and impaired respiratory function. Restricted use in the EU
⚠️ FORMALDEHYDE: Hardens polish and prevents bacterial growth. Also a well known carcinogen connected to many forms of cancer. Also been connected to miscarriage.

Swap out your polish for some without the top 3 offenders whenever possible. Try and find salons that don’t use these chemicals and consider switching to DIY for most or all polishing. This brand, @ellamila makes a safer nail polish without any of those toxins I listed and even more. It’s a high performing polish at a fair price and safer for use. Plus, how cute? Available at @target which is helpful too.