No Fragrance

A really simple way to make your home and life A Little Less Toxic:

Stop inviting “fragrance” into your home. Read the labels on the things you already have. Count how many items have “fragrance” in even just your bathroom. Do it. Have your mind blown. It’s most likely even in your concealer and blush. In your feminine hygiene products. In … almost everything unless you’re already mindful of this. Little things add up. For good or bad. I did this as things ran low or ran out and over time for many items. Some items I just didn’t really need, like scented candles and air freshener, I just got rid of and made my own or used alternatives until I found replacements I feel good about inviting into my home. One swap at a time. Slow the flow of unnecessary toxins entering your home and body. It makes a difference. I’m living proof. Many of you are too.