Not All Are Welcome Here

182,000 people in this community (and growing)) and we all have very unique bodies, lives, circumstances, convictions, and boundaries. It’s beautiful! I will do my best to walk alongside you here and keep this space safe for you to continue along your own individual journey to stewarding your own body and family well. A place to encourage others, be encouraged, find likeminded people, grow in our understanding and empathy, gain helpful information, and just be.

182,000+ people and hardly ever does someone come in the comments and criticize another’s choices. You have all been such a light in a sometimes dark place that is these interwebs. You bring me joy. You plant hope. Keep doing it. It matters to other eyes and hearts and minds that read your words. You never know who might read them. I read them. And they encourage me. And there are so many others here looking for community and encouragement and just some doggone goodness. Thank you for being just that.

Crunch trolls will be escorted out. I try and give people the benefit of the doubt and have conversation. Some people refuse to see how their behavior and words can be absolutely detrimental to others and they will not be allowed in our space.

While you may “never” use xyz, I implore you to consider why someone else may.

Empathy. Understanding. Compassion.

Grow some.

Healthy boundaries are for the good of all. I’ll keep trying to hold them. For me and for you. I love you.

*Creeps and perverts get no warning. Immediately blocked. “Straight to jail.” (Parks & Recreation)