One Small Change Today

Nitpicking is not going to help anyone. Condemning choices is not the way forward.

Not all or nothing. Not perfectionism. Not shame. Towards ourselves or others.

Your journey will not look exactly like mine or anyone else’s. Nor should it.

Less comparing. More celebrating. This isn’t a competition. It’s a community. A collaboration. A collective effort to make informed decisions to care for ourselves and those under our charge.

It’s not taking on more than we can or should and overwhelming our resources or capacities. It’s making one small change today to care for my mind, body, and soul so that I might live more free to live out my calling.

That might look like:
-Making your sleep environment more relaxing
-Taking a 10 minute walk
-Making one more home cooked meal this week
-Having a time of quiet
-Replacing that empty deodorant with one that has better ingredients
-Trading 30 minutes of screen time for reading
-Opening the windows for a bit
-Reading the ingredients on your favorite packaged good
-Choosing the alternative with more wholesome ingredients
-Swapping those thread bare sheets for ones made of natural fibers
-Getting outside for 15 minutes
-Eating as a family at the table

Your journey. Your informed choices. Your pace. Your convictions. Your boundaries.

This is how we keep going. As more of us choose to live more well, the more impact we make. Onward and upward 🤍