Our Thoughts

One of the most important swaps to make to become #alittlelesstoxic is trading out toxic thoughts.

I caught myself in a bad pattern last week. My days often feel very frustrating. I have a list of things I feel important to get accomplished in a day. I try and make it very manageable and reasonable. Still, most days I find myself moving items from my list to the next day. I find myself thinking about all the things I did not get done. I become frustrated, discouraged, and even find myself feeling ashamed that I’m not doing “enough.”

I caught myself in the thought cyclone of listing allllll the things I need to do and didn’t get to. I stopped myself and swapped the thoughts right then and there and started listing all the thing I DID that day instead. I got out of bed, made my bed, unloaded the dishwasher, sent my husband to work with a nourishing lunch, homeschooled the kids, fed the kids 57 times, fed myself, brushed my teeth, tidied nonstop, drank water, checked in on friends, started another load of laundry, shared a part of my life with the world hoping it might impact someone out there in some positive way, cleaned a million more dishes, kept the kids alive … I stopped feeling ashamed and weak and started feeling grateful and strong instead.

I am NOT FOR toxic positivity. Zero percent. I am also NOT FOR shame and condemnation, worry, fear, or self loathing. All of it is toxic. Let truth prevail.

Just a few ideas for some thoughts that may be worth swapping:

✨ What I did accomplish today INSTEAD OF what I didn’t get done.
✨ This food is fuel for me and my family INSTEAD OF this is depriving me.
✨ I am choosing the best I’m able INSTEAD OF this isn’t good enough.
✨ I am doing my best INSTEAD OF I’m not enough.
✨ My body is doing its job INSTEAD OF I am broken.
✨ I have so much to be grateful for INSTEAD OF I’ll be content when…
✨ I can take charge of my health and healing INSTEAD OF blame and shame for the past.
✨ I am worthy of healing/being loved/loving others INSTEAD OF this is just the way I am.

Studies and experience indicate our thoughts impact our health. Toxic thoughts are poison for the whole body. What you think matters. You are doing a good work