Part of The Problem

The discussion of leaving bouillon behind has stirred up some resistance, fear, panic, doubt, and other uncomfortable feelings here. I promise I understand. I am not suggesting you live some all or nothing lifestyle and I always suggest we each do what we can with what we’re able and as it makes sense for us.

Also, guys, it’s a little cube of a lot of things that are not serving us and that are contributing to why we don’t enjoy food in its pure form as much as our ancestors did. Keep your bouillon if you want to. I had such a hard time cooking without it at first. It’s in a bazillion recipes and it’s part of what I was taught. For many it’s become ingrained in culture too. But it’s fairly new and that gold stuff… your great gramma was not using. She made real broth. I promise.

Flavor Enhancers
Artificial Flavors
Artificial Colors
Natural Flavors
Wildly high amounts of sugar snuck in through lots of different names.
High amounts of salt by many names

This is just a short list of how highly processed foods have warped our tastebuds and convinced us real food is subpar. Our eyes and minds and mouths believe we need this stuff for food to be enjoyable and it’s a lie. We’ve been deceived.

Fortunately, it does not take very long to undo this. First we see it for what it is. Clever marketing, sales, and trickery. They want our dollars and they want the dollars to keep coming. Next we let our bodies learn what food in its pure form tastes like. I decided to cut out specific ingredients. Some to reintroduce and test later and some for good (mostly). What happened was not so unlike many forms of addiction. For me, I had withdrawals and detox symptoms at first. Headaches, funky skin, irritability, etc. After just a few weeks of eating more whole foods and leas of the ingredients that were holding me captive to the food industry, real food started tasting AMAZING. Bruh, almonds were SWEET and felt like a little treat to me. I’m serious.

The food industry played me. It’s playing so many of us. Whole, real, unadulterated food is where it’s at. It’s always been where it’s at. You deserve to enjoy it the way it grows.