Peroxide & Disinfecting

🦠 Clean and disinfect without all the toxins. Peroxide is one of my favorite ways to disinfect around the home. I am for killing germs that can harm. I am not for killing 99.9% of germs. Guess which .1% of those guys survive? The strongest. Yes. And then the strongest who were able to withstand powerful antibacterial cleansers find other strongest survivors and they make baby bugs and, friends, this is one way we end up with #superbugs

A lot like how antibiotics have their place and can be life saving, they can also create major problems when overused and improperly used. I feel the same about household cleaners. You won’t find me spraying peroxide all over everything even. But I did just spray down a bathroom after a toddler practiced using the potty. It was a situation. Hygiene is important and you know I enjoy a clean home. But we’re not meant to live in sterile environments. Good bacteria are like soldiers that fight for us. I don’t want to kill them all in the pursuit of killing bad bacteria. More on that another day.

Pop an old spray top on a bottle of peroxide and you’re set 🙌🏼 .