Produce Shopping Guide

In an ideal world, we’d get produce like our grandparents did and everything would be organic. That’s the way food was always grown, since the dawn of time. In the last few decades that has changed. More and more research is beginning to emerge linking these pesticides to a plethora of detrimental health implications from allergies and food intolerance to cancers and death. Buying organic is a huge way we can impact our health as well as impact the environment and the market. Supply and demand. Our dollars make a difference. For us and for everyone.

⚠️ Each year, the @environmentalworkinggroup comes out with a list of the #dirtydozen The 12 produce items most highly contaminated with pesticides. You’ll want to buy these organic as often as possible.

🌱 They also release a #clean15 guide of produce items lowest in pesticide contamination. These are okay to buy conventionally grown.