Produce Wash

I’ve been using this simple and effective method for giving my produce a quick wash for years.

While unloading a grocery haul, I fill the sink about halfway with cold water. I add to that a couple cups of organic white vinegar. The best solution is 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar, but who has time to measure? Most of my produce comes right out of my grocery bags and straight into this “bath” while I finish unloading and storing the rest of the groceries. About 5-7 minutes. Once I’ve finished storing the other items, I drain the sink and lay out my produce to air dry before storing. See a previous post about how to best store produce but basically pay attention to how it’s stored in the market. If not refrigerated, don’t refrigerate and it will retain flavor better. Etc.

🍌 Bananas and lemons too?! 🍋 Yep. I don’t know what came into contact with them nanners on the tree, during harvest, on the truck (exhaust 🤢) , or on the shelves. It won’t hurt them and can help eliminate mold, parasites, microbial, and other unwanted visitors. I don’t do this with berries as I’ve not had good outcomes with that. I rinse those just before use.

❌ Items I leave out:
Most lettuces
Things with lots of layers/folds/crevices that will trap moisture will rot faster if you soak them like this. Potatoes, garlic, and onions are thoroughly dried before heading to market for this reason. I don’t soak berries as I’ve not had good outcomes with that. I rinse berries and other items that need it just before use.

Vinegar is said to be:
✨ able to reduce mold by 80+%
✨ able to reduce parasites
✨ antifungal
✨ antibacterial
✨ antimicrobial

Vinegar is used frequently in this home. For so many things. Organic is best if available and reasonable. I buy gallons of old fashioned organic white distilled vinegar for jobs like this because that’s what makes sense for us right now.

✨The bags are all linked on my website and in my amazon shop 🤍