Quieting Symptoms

When a symptom speaks and the first goal is to silence it, we create more issues. The cause of that symptom doesn’t go away. Only the messenger gets silenced. And only for a time. The cause persists and although the body is powerful at adapting, damage on some level will ensue. The longer the cause is left undiscovered and the offender allowed to continue, the more pervasive and complicated the issue can become.

Pain does not mean you are broken. It means your body is working.

What if we start listening to symptoms and acknowledging what messages they are giving us? If we quiet them without learning what caused them, the root cause, we only delay healing and potentially allow more harm.

Headaches, brain fog, rash, eczema, fatigue, joint pain, bloating, anxiety, irregular bowel movements, etc. can all be powerful messages from your body that something is off kilter. An invader or imbalance can cause a symptom to arise. ✨Emotional, physical, or spiritual.✨ How you respond to it makes a difference.

Symptoms can appear as a whisper. The longer it’s silenced, the louder it will get. It may change form and intensify to try and get your attention. In addition to this, many of the things that hush the pain or discomfort without treating the cause come with their own side effects, contributing to further damage.

Your body is capable of incredible healing. Silencing symptoms impedes this process and can cause much more harm.

✨ Don’t shoot the messenger. Stop. Look. Listen. Respond. ✨