Reducing, Not Adding

There is no magic product. There is no quick fix. There is no one size fits all solution.

My very first step in learning how my body was reacting to my way of life was an elimination diet. I couldn’t see how my body was reacting to my regularly consumed foods until some likely triggers had been completely eliminated, 100%, for several weeks. Then I reintroduced one at a time to test and see. I learned so much in those few weeks. And I gained so much health back.

This also proved true with other areas of my life. I didn’t know how much synthetic fragrance affected me until I’d lived without it for a time. A later unplanned exposure was so eye opening. I could feel my throat tighten, my nasal passages become inflamed, and my head begin to ache.

I didn’t realize how some unhealthy boundaries or relationships were stealing my peace until I reduced my tendency to overcommit and limited my involvement with boundary breakers.

When I started to look at various areas I wanted to make less toxic, I didn’t go out and buy every product on the market. If that worked, I’d recommend it. I replaced one at a time as I ran low. I replaced each item as needed with something with fewer and less toxic ingredients. When I couldn’t find that or afford it, I’d make my own. My whole cleaning bucket became just a few simple items including baking soda, vinegar, castille soap, and peroxide. I ended up using less products for more jobs.

✨ We can’t outsupplement a bad diet.
✨ We can’t outsweat a constant stream of toxins pouring in.
✨ We can’t outsocialize unhealthy relationships.
✨ We can’t outrun poor boundaries.
✨ We can’t outread a toxic mindset.

All that might be toxic in our lives must be examined and dealt with in order to be truly less toxic. We must slow the flow first. Limit the toxic flow entering into our bodies, homes, minds, and lives. Be mindful about what we allow in.

Less so you may have more. Less toxicity. More wellness. In any and all areas. You deserve it.