Reheating Leftovers

Our microwave broke 3 years ago and we decided to see how living without it would be. We quickly learned, even though we’d grown accustomed to using it regularly, we really didn’t need it. There are potential health concerns with using microwaves too. We decided to not use one anymore and haven’t really had a time where we missed it. The instant pot for reheating has been super helpful. Y’all ask me about it often so I finally saved something to the feed for you.

Cup of water and the rack it comes with > your leftovers in glass or stainless containers > close and seal lid and vent > steam for 0 minutes> release pressure (auto or manual) > eat.

Setting to 0 minutes means the Instant Pot is going to heat up inside until a steam is created. By the time it reaches a steam, the food will be warmed to perfection, and no additional steaming minutes are necessary.