Scalp Care

Ummmmm, I talked to you about this in March I think during Quarantine Hair Training and am just now posting a picture. (See hair highlights for those wild times and hair help) Why and how did all that time disappear and also take 4,000 years? Why? And how? Wasn’t it JUST March 14 years ago? This year is dumb.

When Ezekiel was a little toddler dude, he got these spots on his scalp that looked like sun spots almost. First freckle lookin’ spots, then they grew and merged. I tried lots of things all while focusing on his gut, but this is what finally wiped it out and within days.

🌲 Cedarwood is a great oil for skin issues including eczema, dry scalp, fungus, and acne. It also can promote hair growth, repel bugs, and is antiseptic. Scalp boss.

🍃 Tea Tree is another skin super oil and can help treat acne and other skin conditions, combat seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff, soothe skin irritation, fight viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, and even help combat lice.

✨ In a roller bottle:

💧 fill halfway with fractionated coconut oil
💧 one drop tea tree essential oil
💧 one drop cedarwood essential oil
💧 top with more fractionated coconut oil

Pop on your roller top. Shake and use.

I parted the hair into little rows when needed and rolled directly on the scalp a couple times a day. Scrub gently and thoroughly during washes. Brush the scalp with a comb or soft bristled brush daily.

Skin is an inside gig. For a healthy scalp, the gut has to be considered and I never recommend just slapping something on the skin as a quick fix. But this biz was so super helpful and would work as a supportive measure with a myriad of scalp issues. You can increase the dilution for older kids and adults. Swipe for a chart on that.