Serve Up Grace

Whatever is served and whoever is seated at your table… Enjoy. Enjoy the meal. Enjoy the people. Enjoy the fellowship. And give so much grace to yourself and to others. Life is hard. The last 2 years have been something out of a scary movie. The world feels like it’s perpetually divided, hostile, and in a state of fight or flight. We don’t have to be. We can show up tomorrow to our party of 1 or 100 or anything in between and be the grace in that room.

We’ve all been through a lot. Everyone is impacted. Stress is higher. Tensions are higher. We all need more grace. Serve it up. Offer seconds and thirds of it. Send ‘em home with leftovers of grace.

Also important: There’s a big difference between being a peace keeper and a peace maker. As a recovering people pleaser, this distinction matters when learning to extend grace to self and others. Healthy boundaries are good for all. And can be constructed and held while still serving up that grace.

I’m so thankful for you. SO thankful.