Simple Cleanser Swap

Once I realized the cleansers I had been using weren’t great for my health or home, I made some swaps. For a while I thought I was making a better choice using the ol’ friend of the barkeep. I wondered why it was irritating the heck out of my skin. Then I looked up the ingredients and realized the contents weren’t as low tox as I thought. I found Bon Ami and that had way better for me ingredients. I was skeptical it would work as well, but I was pleasantly so surprised!! It works beautifully in everything from sinks to grout, to my stainless pots and pans! They have never sponsored a thing I do, I’m not affiliated, nothing like that. They’re welcome to sponsor me. I talk about them enough, lol! It’s just a VERY easy swap that will make your home healthier and is better for all who reside in it and visit it. I get mine on Thrive Market, but it’s available most places cleansers are sold.

Budget friendly, works great, replaces a bunch of other products, doesn’t irritate my hands or lungs, and it’s #alittlelesstoxic

Your indoor air is vital to your health. The cleansers we use play a big role in the air we breathe, even when we’re not actively using them. Make little swaps like this along the way and breathe easier 🤍🤍🤍