Small Changes

Our bodies didn’t become overburdened overnight. Many small things have added up over time contributing to whatever seeks to slow us down or impair our ability to live well. If there was some quick fix that was safe and took very little time and practically no effort or changes to our lifestyle, I’d likely scream it from the mountaintops. It doesn’t exist.

The overflow of many years of slowly, or even rapidly, adding in pesticides, preservatives, pharmaceuticals, pollution, parabens, phthalates, and all the other things that contributed to our individual toxic load (they don’t all start with p!) will not be quickly wiped away by something else we add in.

We can’t continue to allow the things that have bogged us down to continue to enter at the same rate if we want to see change.

The healing begins with becoming aware of what is harming and not serving us. Once we become aware we are better able to set up healthy boundaries for bodies out of love and respect for ourselves. This is how we begin to slow the flow of that which hinders and add in more of that which heals.

Small changes add up. One meal. One product. One day at a time. We can all become #alittlelesstoxic We’re on a journey. One in which we will not fully “arrive.” Not on this side of Heaven. But we do while we’re here can greatly impact how well we’re able to live. Let’s live more well.