Snack Attack

Snacks really have taken a huge turn over the years. A snack ought to be a small serving of things that give you good fuel between meals, as needed. Most modern snacks are ultra processed packaged food-like products that not only trick your tastebuds, but begin to change your mind and body too. K was sharing about this here and one of you sent me a fascinating 9 minute video and I shared it here. If you missed it search “UK Doctor Switches to Ultra Processed Foods for 30 Days” on YouTube. At the end of 30 days, lab work and scans such as an MRI confirmed that his brain itself was operating differently. The processed foods had hijacked his body and his brain and there is evidence to substantiate that.

We’re done letting the food industry hijack our tastebuds, bodies, cravings, and minds. They no longer control us, thank you very much.

You asked for more snack ideas that are not so processed. Here ya go. Some of our absolute favorites. We like to fuel with things that make us feel our best but they have to taste good too. The vast majority of snacks here are just fresh fruit and veggies I have on hand and some healthy fats and/or protein. When we need grab and go stuff, I’ve found some wonderful options that use minimal ingredients and are more minimally processed and they’re YUMMY.

I’m not endorsing an entire brand, by showing a specific product. I always recommend reading ingredients. Ingredient integrity can vary by product and formulations change sometimes too. Always read ingredients.

Do you want posts on low-no processed meals too? Snacks felt more necessary but I can put that together too. Y’all tell me. If you’re on my email list, check your inbox later for ALLT snack discounts.