Steam Mop

🧹 In honor of @cleanmama and her awesomeness and weekly cleaning plan that is practical and marvelous. Today is “Floor Washing Thursday.” If you’re looking for a way to keep your home cleaning simplified AND less toxic, she’s a great resource.

This is my favorite floor washing tool. It’s a #steammop 💨 It cleans and sanitizes the floors of my entire home using water heated to create steam. The steam loosens gunk as well as sanitizes surfaces.

💨 No chemicals. No sprays. No mystery ingredients. Just water💨

If you’re feeling fancy, drop a few drops of lemon essential oils on the pad before putting it on. I have two pads so I always have one clean and dry and ready for action. This is @bissellclean model and I’ve been using it on wood and tile floors for nearly 4 years. It’s served me well. It’s electric so no batteries. It gets in corners and under most furniture well. It is love. Not at all an ad. There are other brands and models. I’m just a fan of things that work well and are cost effective long term and are #alittlelesstoxic .