Stop Disinfecting Everything

There’s a time and a place for sanitizing and disinfecting. It’s not as regularly as many believe. Disrupting the balance of beneficial bacteria can severely impact our health and the health of those around us. The chemical compounds in many of the disinfectants most commonly used have negative impacts on health as well. The cumulative effect is not measured or understood fully. It can’t be good.

You have an important microbiome in your body and on the surfaces of your body. Your home has a microbiome too. Every environment does. Microbes are more populous than even your cells. We can no longer ignore the significance of the microorganisms that make life possible.

This post will likely get a flag on it because it will have some words that are automatically flagged. Go read the information for yourselves. Primary sources are important. Pubmed is a great place to read some science with our own two eyes.

I’m encouraged to see overuse of disinfectants discouraged. There’s been a lot that’s unknown but, man, I wish it didn’t take over a year for this update.