Stop Trying To Hush Symptoms

What if we start listening to symptoms and acknowledging what messages they are giving us? If we quiet them without learning what caused them, the root cause, we only delay healing and potentially allow more harm.

My young son has been very curious about a part of my journey in illness and toward health. He keeps asking me to tell him one part of the story. In telling that story to him, I’ve been describing years of blindly following doctor recommendations during a long season of chronic pain. Every recommendation from nearly a dozen specialists was nothing more than a temporary bandaid. From repeated antibiotics and steroids, to dust mite protocols, and even surgery. Nothing worked for more than a month. It was just “hushing” the symptoms temporarily. Meanwhile my body deteriorated due to the underlying cause and that was also worsened and further complicated by the very treatments being recommended to me.

One day I got very very ill. I had a big scare and I decided to stop listening to anyone telling me to hush my symptoms. I got to work learning what could be causing the symptoms to begin with. I set to work reading and absorbing information and I put one foot in front of the other and have never looked back.

The symptoms I had been trying to quiet for 5 solid years were completely eliminated within 2 weeks once I started listening to them and making lifestyle changes. Gone. I have been without that ailment for the most part of the last six years. Because I decided to stop listening to the “hushers” and start listening to my body and to those who understand the body as a whole and complex system.

Wellness doesn’t come in a pill or any other quick fix. Symptoms aren’t our enemies. They’re not a sign your body is broken. It’s your body working! Working to remedy and to adapt. It’s your body calling out to you. Symptoms may begin as faint whispers. Ignored and suppressed they will increase in volume and work harder to get your attention. Listen. Stop hushing and listen.