Storing Produce

Storing Produce 🍊 Where you store your fresh produce can impact its longevity and even taste. Here’s a couple tips.

When I get home from the market, most things get dumped into the sink that’s full of cold water and a cup or two of white vinegar. Then everything air dries on the counter. No need to rinse. Berries I store in fridge right away and rinse before eating.

🛒 Think about how your produce was displayed in the store. If it was refrigerated, then store in the fridge. If it was stored out in bins and at room temp, it’s often best to do the same at home. 🍅 Tomatoes, for one, lose a great deal of flavor if stored in the refrigerator. Keep them on the counter.

🍌 bananas, 🍋 citrus, 🍑 and stone fruit are best stored on the counter. Move stone fruit like nectarines and avocado to the refrigerator once ripe to help them keep longer. I buy the teeny tiny 🥑. avocados almost in bulk and let ripen on the counter then move to the refrigerator where they’ll keep for a couple weeks if we don’t devour them sooner.

Shop the clean 15 for conventional produce and organic for the dirty dozen to save some 💴.