Supporting Our Immune Systems

☀️ Sunshine. Not too little. Not too much. What we consume & are exposed to, + our genetic make up can determine the amount of sunshine that is optimal for us. The sun is a friend and has multiple benefits to the body including improving immune function. (PMID: 31213673)

💨 Fresh Air. Benefits include improving blood pressure, boosting mood, improving energy, supporting digestion, sharpened mental clarity, and improved immune function. The air indoors can be up to 100x more polluted than outdoor air. Get outside and breathe. Open doors and windows for at least 20 minutes every day. (PMID: 22196521)

🌳 Get out in nature. Exposure to varied ecosystems of microbiota has great benefit to our immune function. Microbes coming in contact with our skin and airways can contribute to a balanced and thriving personal microbiome, which supports nutrient delivery, as well as functions as our immune system’s front line of defense. Our microbiome helps detox from our environment and recognizes, combats and eradicates invaders.
(PMID: 31695865, PMID: 29196353)
@zachbushmd is the microbiome dude

🍊 While food isn’t free, we all have to eat. If we do what we’re able to incorporate a varied diet of more whole and fresh foods, there is a benefit to overall health and immune function. (PMID: 31426423)

💧 Hydrate well. Some studies show a link between dehydration and suppressed immune function. Quality of water is important but not so important as being properly hydrated. (PMID: 22362640)

💤 Good Rest. Show these studies to your small children. (PMID: ‪30920354, ‬
PMID: ‪22071480‬)

👟 Shoes off. They carry toxins, chemicals, and invaders including E. coli. Kick ‘em off for your health. In addition, many report going barefoot to have numerous health benefits ranging from strengthening joints and muscles, improving sleep, and improving physical and emotional grounding. Get those bare feet out in the earth.

🧼 Wash your hands. There is no real substitute for soap and water.

🏡 Be a good neighbor. Serve someone worse off than you. It will lift you both up.

🙏🏼 Prayer. Gratitude. May not change your circumstances but can change you.
(PMID: 21191529)

📱 Less Screens. Especially within an hour before bed. Less screens = more time for beneficial activities. Heavy screen time has a negative correlation to mental health and wellbeing.