Take It Back

With more conveniences that ever, we have found ourselves with even less time. With more information at our fingertips than any time in history, we often see plenty of knowledge but less critical thinking and wisdom. Many advancements have made the world and those who live in it better off. Many have stifled us.

Pure, unadulterated food was never supposed to be attainable only to a small percentage of the worlds most wealthy. Take it back.

Communing around homecooked food is an ancient practice where connections strengthen and togetherness is celebrated. Take it back.

We’ve been silencing the messages from our intricately designed bodies intended to warn us. We’ve traded bandaids for treating root cause. Our ability to recognize and respond to problems has been dulled. Take it back.

This generation of young people is reported to be the unheatlhiest in all of modern history and maybe all time. Our children are battling chronic illnesses including ones we are only just learning of and others that used to only be attributed to adults and elderly. The health and wellness of the children is critical. Take it back.

We have access to all the information in the world at our fingertips, it seems. Many of the most brilliant scientific and mathematical discoveries were made by those with less information and distractions. More time to think critically and for themselves. Take it back.

Activity crowds our time and too often replaces that which is critical for our health. True community, rest, family time, time to reflect and ponder. Take it back.

We often expect to grow or learn only when someone else is teaching us. In a class, in a church, or elsewhere. Few take personal responsibility to edify and educate ourselves and our families. Take it back.

How do we take it back? We can’t change all of this. Not on our own & not overnight. BUT we will make change. For us and for all. Collectively. One day, one meal, one boundary at a time. Each purchase makes a difference. Each change adds up. Every “no” to something can be a “yes” to something else. We may not ever return to life as we once knew it. I hope, for our sake, we don’t.